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XXR 969 and other wheel advice


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I need to get some summer wheels and tires (bought my car on stock rims with winter tires) and am looking at a whole bunch of options. I really like all of the XXR styles, specifically the 530 which I see on lots of Legacies. I also really like the 969 but I haven't seen that on any of our cars. Why is that? The size I'm looking at is 18x8.75 and have the option of +33 or +20 offset. Does that fit properly with the LGT if I use a 225/40 tire or is there some modification necessary and that's why no one runs them? Based on the stuff I've looked at I don't think that should be a problem but I'm not really experienced with wheel/tire stuff. Car is not dropped but am planning coilovers eventually.


Also for bonus points, I really LOVE the look of this wheel but am hesitant since it's so expensive to order for us Canadian folks. Any fitment issues there?http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/wheels/yoshihara/product/submitProductSize.do?pc=13361&tmn=Champion&typ=Car%2FMinivan

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