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cost of B+ level repaint?


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I own a 2001 Outback that needs to be repainted soon. It's the "Paul Hogan" car -- i.e., metal flake darkish green with goldish/silver body add-ons. (By the way, anyone but me notice that in one of Sabaru's latest TV commercials they have this car imoving around n the background to sell the NEW ones!!???). It seems to be becoming iconic in that body style and color combination.


Anyway, what would it cost me to have it repainted to nearly factory level condition of the paint? And can I go to a chain franchise for this, or do I need a dealer or specialty shop.


Many thanks.

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An OEM quality re-paint with prop prep an all will run you $3000-4000 at a reputable shop. Expect maybe $1-2k more if you are changing color and was a complete respray (engine bay, door inners, trunk, etc).


Do not go to Maaco.

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