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Rear alignment concern/issue


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I recently got an alignment because I slightly lowered my 05 wagon, and plus winter is over, and most of the potholes have been filled.


Front had no issues, however I have the following for the rear:



Left toe: .17 degree

Right toe: -.06 degree

Total toe: .11 degree

Thrust angle: .11 degree



Left toe: .17 degree

Right toe: -.05 degree

Total toe: .12 degree

Thrust angle: .11 degree


Left eccentric is maxed out (dot pointing straight to outside)


They said the right eccentric is maxed out also, but it isn't pointed straight outside, and from my understanding, a negative toe means toe-out, so turning the right eccentric counterclockwise (to the inside) would reduce the toe-out, so the right side should be correctable still.


This makes me wonder if the bolts are seized and they didn't try to adjust it.


However, the left side does have me concerned since it is maxed out for decreasing toe-in. Since I'm planning on getting new bolts/nuts/washers, I'm thinking I should at least get a left rear link.


Or am I reading this and the service manual wrong?



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Holy chit! that is a horrible thrust angle. S


i think they just didnt try to deal with the rear. here is why...


the toe arms are in the rear of the rear wheels, so if the eccentric is maxed out and pointing outward, it means the arm is pulling the back of the rear wheel inward, there by giving you max toe out, or positive toe.


That means all of the adjustment rage would have brought it back to 0 or negative. they should have been easily able to get it right unless that left eccentric is seized. Either way they were not honest with you.


go back there and have them do it again, or show that the bolt is seized(if that is what you suspect)

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