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Audio Advice needed


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I have a 4th gen subaru legacy that has standard everything right now.


I own a less than a year old subwoofer that I am wishing to add to my car.

The Sub has a built in amp inside of it.

The overall speaker system I want is 2 tweeters, 4 door speakers and 1 sub. No idea about how many amps I need.


I am keeping the same headunit as it has built in climate control and it isn't financially viable for me to replace it with JDM parts and a new radio.


The standard head unit doesn't have a standard Right and Left output that the Sub needs.

I have bought a "Speaker to RCA Converter / High to low Line Level Converter"

The idea being that I get the rear speakers left and right positive and negatives and use this signal to tell the sub what to do.


Three questions:

1. Do I have to sacrifice my rear speakers for a sub or is simply splicing the wire okay?

2. (If no to the first one then) Do I need another amp to power the door speakers seeing as they'll be upgraded to 175 Watts for each one(700Watts in total) once I have the cash.

3.(If yes to question 2) Do i have to buy a second sub with an output of above 700Watt Door speakers + 1200Watt Sub aka 2000 Watt sub?


I have no interest in parcel shelf speakers, I want my car to be as sleeper as possible, no marks, no cuts. Everything tucked away nicely. (Except the sub in the boot of course.)


An advice would be appreciated!!

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It's alright, the sub with in built amp has a bass setting knob on the side of it so I can crank up the base if I want to.

So you spliced into your speakers rather than replacing them?? How do they handle the loud volumes?? Any change from before and after the sub install?


P.s. Ta muchly for the advice so far :)

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I bought a metra factory harness to the radio and the car harness (so 2 harnesses they make for our cars) to not splice into the factory wiring. As far as sound performance the rear speakers are very crappy in our cars (low volume and sounds muffled). I upgraded to kicker 6.5's in the back just to have to have the tweeters on the speakers provide more clear sound. They sound fine but the factory fronts pretty much drowned out the rear. The loudest I've turned mine up to is 25-30 and it still sounded fine, but that was with my ipod plugged into my aux port so the sound level from the radio may be different.


This is all my temporary solutions until i buy the JDM dash kit also. it's been working great for about 4 months now.


The bass knob for me was so I could adjust the amp level as I was driving instead of having to go in the trunk to change it.

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