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'05 -'09 Outback Wagon Cat Back Exhaust

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Just wondering who has aftermarket cat back exhaust on their 05-09 Outback Wagon? Beside Nameless Performance, who even makes a cat back system for the Outback Wagon? I can't seem to find anybody besides Nameless that makes a cat back option. Is the Legacy Wagon exhaust the same setup as the Outback Wagon? I know the rear bumpers are slightly different, and would require some mods to make the Legacy exhaust work, but I can't seem to get any solid info on whether or not the Legacy and Outback exhaust are the same. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.
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We were literally JUST talking about this:




Here's what I have to say about it:


The Q300 is kind of shitty system for the price. It's loud and mass-produced. As always, custom is better. Have you considered shopping for mufflers you really like and want, such as Magnaflow or Borla, etc? Good ones can be had for ~$225 apiece, add in a Vibrant reso (~$85) and take it all down to your local custom exhaust shop and have them make you a nice mid and Y combo (one or two piece, your choice). You'll be ahead, both in terms of performance and sound, and will have paid about the same as the Q300 -


Just throwing out another option that's worth thinking about.

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