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Feedback on tires

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I have to buy a whole set (4) of tires here in a few days, because my driver side tire has something in it, or a cut, to where it's not able to be patched.

I took it to Merchants and Firestone, neither place would patch it.


Firestone said it's best to replace all tires, because if I just buy one tire and put it on, the tread would be off, and it could cause transmission problems down the road shortly after, because my Subaru is AWD.


So the manager at Firestone, said that Primewell PS830/850 tires would be great on my car.


Is this a good tire? I'm getting these at a good price! Less than what Firestone regular price is.


My current tires are 195/70/14 Michelin All-Season.

Car actually needs 185/70/14.

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ive never used em, but a quick google search shows pretty low ratings


Yeah, I saw some bad and good ratings

I got them put on Friday morning, drove to Washington DC and back, they ride pretty good.

Got 40,000 mile warranty.

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