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Too many choices...


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Ok, here's my dilemma...



Ideally I would like to get the Rota SDR in 17x8, but since that isn't an option I'm thinking I should either just get the SDR in 17x7.5 or the Rota Boost in 17x8. I slightly prefer the look of the SDR (as well as price), but I will be going to at least a 225 tire and have read that you're better off with the wider rim.



At first I was thinking 235/40/17, but from what I've read on here I'll only add rolling resistance without much improved traction. So, 225/45/17 will most likely be the choice. I live in SoCal so I don't really need all-seasons, but I may be moving to Seattle next year and I'm not sure if their winter weather would call for all-seasons. Can anybody from the Northwest chime in?


Now, if all-seasons are recommended I'll gladly go with the Pirelli PZero, but if I don't need all-seasons I can save a little dough on a set of Falken Azenis ST-115 (~$40 less/tire). I haven't heard a lot about these, but I've had Falkens in the past and been happy, and I also read on here that the Azenis run wide :). Anybody have an opinion on these tires, or a recommendation otherwise without breaking the bank.


As for my goals:

I obviously want a better performing tire than stock. I'd also like a wider set for aesthetics. I will most likely never track the car, but I drive aggresively and plan to eventually obtain a minimum of Stage 2 power. Treadwear matters too, I don't want to have to replace tires annually, I'd like to be able to get at least 30K miles on a set (is that reasonable?). Also, I will not have the option of seperate winter tires.


I was surprised to see the ratings on Tirerack show higher numbers in almost all categories for the Pirelli all-seasons compared to more expensive summer tires. I've only ever owned all-seasons, but from what I've read here I can get much better performance out of a summer tire (despite what the Tirerack ratings show?)


Any advice would be appreciated.

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