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sunroof controller fix

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Got the ships on and decided to replace the relays in the controller with some regular single pole double throw type.

This required making them remote with wires attached to PCB.

Tested it, works a treat.

Thinking I should make the wiring longer to move relays to a spot with more room.

But one can sit up near controller the other can sit up over the other side of motor.

Here is a pic of the relays connected.


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Well after putting the controller away properly, the next day went to test again.....NO WORKIES!@#&*%#@


After some fiddling about checking continuity of wires, wiring diagrams. finally started to work but intermittent.

Got the Daughter to give me a hand. As she controlled the sunroof buttons while I moved things about.

Found out to be the two black "chips" had bad contacts on a couple of pins.


Damn it probably not the relays after all. SO when you bang on the roof to get it to work it is probably these connections!!!


So after re-solder I also hot glued them together and to board to fix them in place.

Bit blury


Glued in place.


Much better now, can wiggle and bump everything and the sunroof still works.


Now put the old relays back in.

Test again.

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Put back in the original relays, I did pull the covers off and clean the main contacts before replacing. the covers are a but of a pain, need a craft knife to cut around edge. then re-glue back on after cleaning.


Worked fine, wiggle and tap test ok.

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