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Need some tire help for 18x9.5+35


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I know it is a some what aggressive fit for out 4th gen, I got the varrstoen es6 in 18x9.5+35 it clears the Brembos by 1 or 2 mm I have to remove the bleeder valve boot.


On the search for tires I have read the stickies but I want a lower profile sidewall with a wider fitment but a little stretch to get it under the fender


I have my fenders rolled, and have bc coils


I am looking at 235/40 but I would like to try 255/35 or 245/35 how would they fit?


If you have pics or suggestions please leave a comment


Car is 08 lgt, bc coils, rolled fenders wheels are 18x9.5+35


StageIII Cryotune-Kinugawa STS TD06H-20GTX 9 blade turbine, ID1000, DW65c, 73mm MegaMAF , GS EWG up-pipe, Downpipe and EBCS, FMS FMIC, TGV Delete, Brembo swap
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