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im back in an raised liberty.. aka outback

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well its been about 2 years since i owned a subaru, my last one i didnt own for very long because i cracked a piston :/

but instead of doing the wrx turbo motor swap i was silly enough to buy a silvia and spend 6k on a turbo motor, trans, suspension and all that stuff, only to sell it... anyway, im back now with this beauty

1999 suabru outback (wasnt sure where to post this? :/)

one owner from new, 230,000km on the clock, 5 speed, 2.5 awd :D

almost my dream car *-* turbo awd wagon

i havnt had time to do a proper photoshoot with it yet, still dirty :lol:


i have plans for a turbo motor swap, lowering, rims, tint, sound system :) will take more pics when i get a chance



how to do a screen shot

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Would you mind taking pictures of where you mounted the nudge bar?

Im trying to custom fabricate brackets for a nudge bar a buddy gave me and am trying to find the best place to mount the bar.



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