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ABS Troubles..

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So... here are the facts


I drive a 2005 2.5L


it is the dead of winter here in Michigan, about 1 ft of snow on the ground with temperatures normally below 10 degrees


my check engine came on one cold morning accompanied by a blinking cruise control light.


i had the codes checked and they came back as follows:





correct me if I'm wrong but those codes translate to: "abnormal signal readings from the ABS sensors located on the front left and right wheels.


Note: the ABS light has not come on, but does come on when i start the car, along with all the other lights, verifying that the ABS problem indicator bulb is functioning


these are the steps I've taken:


remove the sensors from the hub and cleaned off the corrosion with a dremel tool with a sanding drum on a low speed.


hook up each of the sensors to my multimeter with the car off (on jack stands) and spun the wheel by hand, as if the car was moving forward, as quickly as i could. i noted that it was reading mainly 0v, but upon stop would occasionally get bursts of 3.5mV

NOTE: i executed this test on both of the front wheel sensors with same results.


i spun the rear tires just to compare and noted that they spun much more freely than the front. (not sure if this is relevant)



Tomorrow i plan to pick up a service manual to get the exact specs of the sensor circuits and the pinout of the abs module. i will use this information to test both the impedance in the wiring to the abs module from the harness, as well as from the harness into the circuit of the sensor itself.


Any ideas guys? its strange to me that both the left and right gave codes at the same time. its unlikely that both sensors went crazy simultaneously. RIGHT? I'm obviously not a pro but i try my best to be handy and most importantly avoid trips to the stealer.


any input, questions, advice or interest is greatly appreciated. :redface:

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