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Good deal or bad? 1999 Subaru Legacy


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I have found a 1999 Subaru Legacy 2.5L with 120,000 miles for $2,999. Through my limited research it sounds like a good deal. I've heard about the common head gasket and timing belt problems which I'll check on before I purchase. I have heard great things about Subarus and am looking for a RELIABLE car in this price range for a daily commuter between work and school until this summer when I am driving from Utah to Alaska (2,400 miles) for the summer. I'll sell the car in Alaska in late August where it is worth more and then fly home.


Any experts out there that can tell me if this is a good deal? Anything to be weary of before purchase because of the price? Would YOU trust a car like this driving through the Canadian rockies for 5 days with limited sell service? I am an adventurer and risk taker, so I'm up for the challenge as long as it's not a stupid thing to do. THANKS FOR YOUR THOUGHTS!

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it an acceptable price. Here is the VIN chart for that model




your car is an outback model according to the VIN provided by the site


Mileage is not the concern, the upkeep on the car is


typically at 120K it should have



T-belt, idler pulleys, and water pump

Trans fluid

Rad fluid

PS fluid

Brake fluid

newer tires


Things you want to look for are

no suspension noises

no piston slap

no idler knock

does it drive straight

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