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Does this look like my ocv's are bad

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Yeah passenger side is pain to take out from what I understand. Then I think you should also inspect the banjo bolts that are notorious to get clogged. There is one on the driver side closed to the OCV right behind the timing belt cover. And the other one is bolted on the passenger side head closed to the turbo.


passenger side:



driver side:


I finally got around to pulling both of the Banjo filter bolts. The turbo one was about 50% plugged. And the driver side ACVS unit was 25% plugged.


Pic. of turbo Banjo filter. Over 73k on my GT





I stated this earlier.




But change my mind. Do to my oil\filter change history. I put new filter bolts in to see if the clogging took place more in the first 30k Mobil1\Fram or the last 43k, using Amsoil oil\filer.


The driver side Banjo filter bolt is right behind the top cam pulley cover.








To remove this bolt. You have two options. 1) Pull everything of the front driver side of the motor to pull that cam pulley. So you can remove the rear cam belt cover. To have room the remove the banjo filter bolt.


2) This is what I came up with to service this bolt, without doing #1 above. Make sure the engine compartment is still warm. Plastic bends better when warm. Need to remove the AC bracket by the oil dipstick, unbolt the dipstick ( if you choose to remove the dipstick for more room. Put a oil drain pan to catch the oil that will leak out of the dipstick tube.) To make room for a cut tool ( I use a dermal with pen attachment & 1\8 in. milling bit.) To remove the tit off the head of the banjo bolt. Then using 17mm wrench to break it free. Unbolt the other end of the AVCS oil supply line. Now the fun begins. Once the filter bolt broken free. Than take a old 17mm box end wrench & grind it down to 3\16 thick & unscrew. Or try this http://www.sears.com/craftsman-7pc-h...blockType=G212 Use a pry bar to move back the rear cam belt cover. Remove filter bolt & line together. Clean up the head of the bolt. I ground it down between 1\8"- 3\16".








Originally Posted by HAMMER DOWN http://legacygt.com/forums/skynetim/buttons/viewpost.gif

This would be me:p:). 2 microns filtration, 15k OCI, Cobbs stage 1 93 tune, 16.2 psi. of max boost & 169k+miles on the original motor & turbo. Took the original ones out at 73k. Another 4k I will have 100k on this set of banjo filter bolts. Then I will inspect & if all is fine. I will leave them out. If I have crap in them. I but new ones in & change them out every 100k.






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