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CV Axle? Need help!


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I think the front right cv is failing on my 05 LGT w/5EAT. I am having a really weird intermittent problem where the steering wheel pulls out of my hand and shakes and front right starts banging like the wheel is going to fall off. This is extremely violent, has anyone experienced this? Then it returns to naormal as if nothing ever happened. Checked the wheel isn't loose, the bearing is recently replaced this is really weird. Is there a good quality replacement axle available or is oem the best option?
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If you have a lift/jackstands/ramps check everything. Control arm bushings, ball joints, wheel hub (again), lug nut tights?, sway bars, struts, top mounts... EVERYTHING. Get a prybar and see what moves.


As orndog said, do it now and stop driving. If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, get it to a shop.


Normally a failing CV joint will present itself with a popping or clicking, usually while turning. A constant vibration would mean it's pretty far gone (assuming the CV joint is actually bad). This violent and intermittent shaking seems like something else. Kinda reminds me of the infamous lifted Jeep death wobble, but our suspensions are nothing like that so....

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