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Interested in a '99 legacy outback with potential odometer rollback..


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Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get a little advice here. I currently drive a '94 SVX with 130km on the clock but I was looking to get something a little more practical for roadtrips and camping and such. I came across a 1999 legacy outback limited with 66 km (41k miles) in good condition. The guy tells me that he is the second owner, bought it about 1 year back from an older couple, and had a carproof (which is apparently supposed to be better here in canada in comparison to carfax) done which doesn't show any past problems with the car other than a previous glass repair.

On examination of the car, it looks quite good, and drives like a car with 66k would. I talked to him a couple hours later saying I was interested in it, and he tells me that he's run a carfax in the meantime and he's concerned that the odometer might have been rolled back, I have a copy of it which shows some records at a service facility in 2005 with an odometer reading of 130k which then changed to 36k in an entry in 2009. I also have a carproof from today as well which doesn't show these previous entries.

Just looking at the vehicle, it doesn't look like something that has gone over 200k, the leather drivers seat isn't at all worn neither is the steering wheel or the pedals. He says he can offer it to me cheaper now because of this issue.

Obviously the whole thing seems very fishy to me, but I don't get the vibe that he is a scammer, and why run and show me the carfax with the issue. I'm wondering a) how often do people run across issues like this in the carfax and how reliable are these entries? b) Obviously I'd get it inspected if I was to pursue this (I'm not a mechanic but I'm not a totally in the dark about cars), is there anything that I could get examined that would be able to differentiate between a 66k and 200k car? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys!

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