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What Model Do I Own?

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Hi Everyone,


How can I tell the exact model of my Subaru??


From what I know its a 2007 Subaru Legacy B4 B-Sport 2L but I don't know any more details then that. I was told there would be a plate in the engine bay but mine doesn't seem to have one?


My reason for asking is that I can't seem to find any information about it and my insurance company has asked for specifics (i.e. is it from the first or 2nd half of 2007, what's model engine is it etc)


If you need any other information from me let me know :)

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The drivers door should have a plate on it that says the build date

the plate should be between your inner door card and outter door skin but visible by just opening the door and looking around this area




something like 10/06 or 02/07 (depending if your 2007 model actually hit the road in 2006)

the same plate should have your VIN and probly stock tire size/specs


but all that could be different since your in New Zealand

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Thanks for the reply :) I found this sticker on the passenger and what I've deciphered so far is...


BL5E44J = Model #


B = Legacy

L = Sedan

5 = 2.0L EJ203

E = 2007/ 03


Is the 44J anything important? and lastly I can't seem to find much the EJ203 on Wiki?



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EJ is the engine line, the 20 part of 203 means its a 2 liter, and the 3 is the specific version of the 2 liter. for example ej205 is the 2.0 liter used in the WRX up until 2006.


the 203 uses a MAF senor, otherwise i believe it is nearly identical to the ej202

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