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wagon 2.0 99 outback

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After I sadly wrecked my 05 lgt with all sorts of goodies I needed a cheap daily. In comes my new girl.









99 outback 180k 5mt It has had new timing belt, head gaskets, heads, brakes, clutch by previous owner.


so far I have replaced oil, filter, spark plugs, wires, coilpack, air filter. I plan to flush coolant and put subaru coolant with conditioner in. Any other major maintenance I should look at?


after I get the major maintenance done I plan on doing some upgrades

short shifter and bushings

jdm projector headlights


front and rear sway bars with endlinks

front strut bar

coil overs

light weight crank pulley

headers and exhaust

lightweight 17x9 wheels

lightweight flywheel

new seats

new steering wheel

wrx 4 pot brakes and rotors

stainless steel brake lines


I know it will never be my lgt wagon but I'd like to build a good handling car and tighten up everything and squeeze as much out of this pig as I can. We'll see how long I can get the stock engine and transmission to go 350k hopefully. Then who knows a mighty car mods h6 turbo build? The possibilities are endless with this outback


any other ideas?

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Slightly darker tint & JDM Projector headlights. The tint isn't too important especially compared to the headlights. I can't stand the halogens and how little light is thrown from those POS's.


Glad you're back into a Subie, a good looking reliable car for sure. I'm sure Chad has plenty of fun ideas for a wagon like that considering he has how many of his own, 3?

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got my front shifter bushing in after some modification. shifter feels great. just waiting on short shifter and the shifter will be a whole new beast. also got both steering rack bushings in. literally took half the time to do all three bushings that it did just to do the rear bushing.


I have coolant in the mail that i will flush out next week. also have parts for a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure coming next week.

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got my short shifter in the mail as well today. feels great. night and day from when I bought it a couple weeks ago. I originally ordered a kartboy one but that didn't work so I ordered this one from ebay for cheap and it turned out great!



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So today I changed my coolant and put in genuine Subaru coolant mixed 50/50 with water. After draining I flushed the system with a hose. I burped it for 10 min till no bubbles arose. The temp needle was perfectly in the middle during idle. I went for a test drive and within two blocks the temp needle climbed quickly so I returned and turned it off. I waited till it was cool put the front in ramps filled it up and burped for 15 min till no bubbles. Same thing, at idle temp needle was perfect. Test drive same thing. Burped it again until there were no bubbles same result. Is this a thermostat issue? I didn't have any overheating issues before.
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do you have a burping kit? its a big funnel w/ a plastic neck on it designed especially for this. Makes it a TON easier to burp a radiator than the old fashioned way.


I don't but I got it fixed. burped it for 20 min last night and everything is great. Its even running a little cooler and now I feel better about my head gaskets

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So I did more work this weekend. I did two layers while in the car then pulled the mold out and did two more layers. then I marked area for fitment and cut it to fit. I might do one or more layers and trim. Then next comes the fleece cover and more fiberglassing. Also while I was waiting for it to dry I ran all my amp wiring.





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did some more work on my box today. I did the final layer of fiberglass on the inside. Then I trimmed it then I mocked up the subwoofer rings. Then I took an old fleece blanket and stretched it over the panel and attached it. Then I put resin on the fleece and I'm waiting for it to dry overnight then I'll pud a layer of fiberglass over that, then I will trim and sand.









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Here is my first test fit after putting resin on fleece. Fits like a glove. I put another layer of fiberglass over the fleece for strength and will let that dry and will trim and sand imperfections. After that all I need to do is wire up sub, mount sub, wire up amp, carpet box. Almost there



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