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Air Suspension Help

Eric Alvarez

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I'm making the transition from static to bags and couldn't find a specific thread on here so I figured make a new one and see if any members with air suspension experience could help me out. Current have purchased:

Accuair elevel touch pad

Accuair vu4 manifold

5 gallon tank

2 viair compressors


Thinking about a BOC setup but have herd bad things about these types of setups. All and any info would be appreciated.



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Aluminum tank

Two Viar 400c


I thought MWM5094 had the airlift suspension which would be different than a boc setup.(Atleast from what I have heard. AirLift systems are properly valved for bags meanwhile box setup will ride "harsh" and not completly proper") Wish I could afford the airlift struts.


System was apparently installed in this car before.

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