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1999 outback check engine light

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so I recently bought a 99 outback after I wrecked my 05 lgt. I did a full tune up when I bought it, new plugs, air filter, oil, wires, and coilpack. I filled up my new outback in the morning, drove about 100 miles then check engine light came on. everything runs fine. the weird thing is when I went to get the codes read they could not connect to the car to read the codes. I tried at two different shops to get the codes read and still the same result. any ideas?
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i have heard of something similar on the 95 subarus,

but never on the 99.


some shops claim they can't read the 95 since they think it is obd1,

which it is not.


my guess,... none at all.

i'll keep watch to learn.


unlesss new cars use a different connector,

and 90s cars need an adapter or an older reader ????????????????????????????????/

never heard of this before.

but maybe.

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Could also try using a plastic safe contact cleaner on the obd port. Could be a bad connection because it is dirty. Otherwise you could try a different scan tool. They sell cheap basic ones at napa for about $40-$50 which i have had used on subarus without an issue.
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the evap code is probably a leaking vac hose going over to the stuff on the strut tower,


or a wiring issue on the charcoal canister on the rear right corner under the car.

what was the code number???


the code for the cat is probably your o2 sensor.

p0420, right?

it is not your cats.

they very rarely go bad.

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