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Do I have fuel pump issues?

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Ok so I recently had fuel pump problems where the car began to be more and more harder to start up. So I took it to the mechanics and they said they needed to remove the immobiliser and replace the fuel pump of my 1996 subaru legacy (GT).


It worked perfectly for about a week and a half of which I drove the majority of New Zealand on a roadtrip about ~1200km (not sure what that is in miles) however yesterday I go to start it up and it wouldnt work..so I waited about 10-15 minutes and it started fine first go. The next time I started it first time, drove it about 11km and stopped for an hour, but then it simply wouldnt start.


It was cranking fine it just didnt start up at all?


Surely this cannot be the fuel pump as its brand new? Could I have a fuel line blockage or a fuel filter problem? Thanks.

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Check your coolant temp sensor. They can cause starting problems believe it or not.


see if it only fails to start when HOT, already driven and warmed up.

this is definitely a temp sensor problem.

there are 2 tempt sensors,

the 2 wire unit feeds the ECU this is the one one are concerned with.

a bottle of water poured over a warm / hot temp sensor MAY let you start the car.

it may cool it enough to let it start.

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THe problem is that the car wouldnt start in the first place.


The mechanic rung me today and said that he could manually start the fuel pump and the car went fine. He rung me a couple of hours later and said that the ECU? or something like that is damaged or not working correctly because the first job (the one that replaced the fuel pump and took out the immobiliser) has caused some electrical issues?


Im not quite sure on full details but tomorrow I will find out.


Cheers for all the help

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