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Chime/alarm for manual fuel switch?

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Backstory: i lost my fuel pump after a 4eat to 5mt swap a little while back. Replaced the pump and filter, still nothing. Checked fuses and relays, still nothing. My fix was a hotwire on a switch to the pump. The switch died shortly thereafter, so I used the fuel pump relay and hooked the relay up to the existing wiring with a fuse and heavier duty switch. I basically redid the stock wiring on a switch.


So my problem here is the element of human error. If i leave the switch on the pump stays running. Sure I could just run an accessory wire instead of a hotwire, but if i did that i would have to clean up all the wires i have coming from my accessories. What i want to do is hook up a chime of some kind to the switch, which is simple enough other than finding an aftermarket chime module.


The question i have about all this is how do i get the chime to shut off while the engine is running? I was thinking about hijacking the existing door chime wires, but i want to keep the door chime because it has saved my butt a few times. I also dont want them both to be on the same chime.



Tl;dr: any way to hook up a circuit that will be off only when the engine is running?


Thanks guys.

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