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radiator upper hose to quick becoming hot and pressurized

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Need your help.

I got 2005 Outback XT auto with 190k miles with remarks that it has mecanical problems. I cant talk to previous owner.


Radiator is leaking. I replaced it.

New radiator and reservoir caps.

As soon as I start the engine the pressure and temperature are building up very quick. 1-2 min to start feeling that it is started. 5 min is hot and pressurized. temp is 87-90. slowly coolant going in to overflow tank.


My concern that is the pressure is too quick building up.


Any advice? Direction. Worse case is overheated engine and exhaust leak to coolant.


I was too chicken to wait for fans to engage.....

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No I just slowly put a water while the car was running with heater on.

You are right. It is small slow bubbles.

For now I didn't put coolant yet.

Because I found that previous owner used some stop leak in to radiator,

I am using radiator flush and water.

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