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Flat tire, DOH! Watch your pressure

dave g

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7" snow Monday, headed out Monday night, front tire handled funny, found it to be flat. Stiff sidewall masked that. Funnus interruptus. Put the electric pump on it, got to closest shop, found sliced inner sidewall. That's weird. Pumped it up, got home and put summer tire/wheel on rear on that side, moved winter tire up front. Called T-rack and ordered new Altimax shaved to 8/32, extra $25. Next day, it dawned on me to check Ebay, found used Altimax at 8-9/32 for $50 shipped. Ordered that. It will go on full size wheel in trunk. I'd rather ride on winter spare in summer than A/S spare in winter. I don't know how inner sidewall got sliced but maybe I let it get too low. My winter wheels don't have air sensors. Both tires arrived today. New shaved tire at 9-10/32. T-Rack not too stellar there. Should be within tolerance, though. My advice, eyeball your tires often, especially if you don't have TP sensors.
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