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Cars to avoid


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If you don't want someone to buy it or you're aware of issues with it, post it up. Use the following format





Reason to Avoid:

Previous UserName for more info:

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Year: 2006

Make/Model: Legacy GT Limited Sedan

VIN: 4S3BL676764212442

Reason to avoid: See below


Purchased the car new. I upgraded it to stage 2.5 @ 5k miles and DROVE IT LIKE I STOLE IT every day of its life. By 43k miles I killed the transmission (transfer gear area).


I continued to use every bit of the HP till I traded it in for a 2013 Honda Accord a few weeks ago, actually even MORE knowing I was going to trade it in. I could not in good conscience sell it private party. Got $9,500 for it.


Here are the issues:


- uses 1qt of oil every oil change

- was in a car accident and never filed it

- something wrong with steering

- has bald tires

- has rust from being up North most it's life

- Kept the COBB unit and did not flash the ECU back to stock

- Kept the stock exhaust (aftermarket left on it)


Previous UserName for more info: SteveFromMass

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Year: 2005

Make/Model: Legacy 2.5 GT Sedan, non-Limited

VIN: 4S3BL686956211701

Reason to Avoid: See below


I purchased this car from the local dealer after the original owner blew the clutch up. Original owner bought new, babied and kept really good maintenance. Brief history:

- OEM turbo replaced by dealer at 60k- was making abnormal noise, but no kaboom (still boosted, no CEL or oil usage)

- Original owner drove until 87k, when TOB exploded on commute home- traded it in instead of fixing

- Dealer pulls tranny apart, finds no damage from exploded TB, puts back together with new clutch, flywheel, PP and TOB.

- I buy it, notice a miss on idle, run with it til I go Stage 1 at 90k

- Valve cover leak at 95k, go Stg 2 along with timing kit, valve clearance adjust, plugs, OEM intercooler, misc broken hoses, DW rebuilt injectors, and catless UP. Begin having phantom knock events (none audible) at low rpm under load (typically 2500-3000 rpm)

- Custom dyno tune fails to fix issue, so returned to stock and traded in.



- Knocks under low rpm load at stage 2- more than likely stock as well

- Front end knocks while going over bumps- especially when turning

- Struts more than likely shot

- Second gear synchros a bit crunchy

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Year: 2006

Make/Model: Legacy 2.5 GT Sedan, Spec B #444

VIN: 4S3BL676566207387

Reason to Avoid: PM


History: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/official-2006-spec-b-registry-94937.html

More info: http://legacygt.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5106345&postcount=1373



Specific info I'm willing to post publicly:



Legacy+Mustang=Brent is a complete sh1tbag. Currently out of the community and hopefully for good.


2006 Spec B #444 - stay away from unless you are looking for a 4th gen which needs a motor pulled.


PM for details

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sry to break format, but I'm curious about one car... it's a 05 LGT wagon ABP. Last saw it being for sale in Atlanta, GA with a blown turbo. VIN: 4S3BP686356318800.


If anyone recognizes this car, I'd be curious to know it's history. thx.

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Year 2008

Make/Model: Legacy Spec.B DGM

VIN: 4S3BL696783222653

Reason to Avoid: This car was listed in the Northern California Craigslist. Thought the price is pretty low, the buyer did not disclose all the information that he had.


The car has a blown turbo and it grenaded which destroyed the entire engine. Buyer said he stopped the car right away and pulled over, and it MIGHT need an engine rebuilt. What he didn't disclose was that he went to Subaru dealer and dealer said the engine was completely shot, requiring a new longblock.


Interior is in bad shape, the steering wheel leather ripped, shifter knob ripped. Center console lid missing.


Exterior, the rear left door has a dent and is rusted. The left rear quarter panel also has a dent and is rusted.


The trunk has a dent and rusted, buckled.


The rear passenger side bumper has a big dent in it. its unknown if it can be popped out.


Badges are stolen. so the Emblem and Spec.B badges are gone from the trunk.



All this was discovered by me, the seller did not disclose any of this information when repeated asked for the condition of the car.

Buyer beware.

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