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Installing Information Panel when there wasn't one


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Hi guys,


First post here. Great forum and loads of helpful information!


My ride: BPE 6.0R 6MT 2005






I haven't been able to find any info on this;


I want to install an information panel. Just in the stock location. But I currently have a JDM NAVI in this location. The NAVI is useless to me, being an English speaker, but it does have fuel consumption and trip information that is very useful.


Anybody know if it is easy to just grab a info panel from a wrecker and install? Not sure if I will have the same cabling, or the same data cables to supply the info panel...

the NAVI will be removed.



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So basically you want to get rid of the Navi and go with a pocket door and small information bar like US models have?


Yes that's correct. It was also a JDM option.


Thanks Nemo, yes I have seen that. But I don't have a info panel at all - and don't know if it will even work..

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Ok there is someone who was just asking me about this info. Seeing as I don't have my Legacy no more there is only so much I can help with.

http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/connector-locations-oem-nav-184310p4.html This thread on the last page someone was asking me about how to do this. He will be doing the conversion that you want to do to his JDM legacy so you guys should be able to get together on this and get it done.

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