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ID1000's vs Bosch EV14 1000's


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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for new injectors to replace my five-0 850cc sidefeeds. I am going to convert to a topfeed 1000cc setup this time. I am trying to justify the extra cost of the ID's compared to the bosch ev14's. From what im gathering, it seems like the ID's are matched to within 1% and the bosch ones aren't as close. I think I also read somewhere that ID uses the regular bosch injectors and just matches them better. I can get a set of 4 bosch 1000's for 300 bucks vs the ID's at 460 bucks. If anyone has any real world experience with either setup, please feel free to chime in. Im also seeing DW and five-0 make the 1000cc topfeeds also. All these companies seem like they are just putting their name on the bosch ones and marking them up.
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