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Vibration problem/ axle question


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I have an 08 legacy on bc racing coil overs. I've been having a pretty noticeable vibration around 55-60 mph. It's been to a shop a couple times. Balanced the wheels and it didn't solve anything. The mechanic said everything looks solid and the only thing he could assume would be the axles from it being so low.

Anyone have this issue? It's been at the same ride height for about two years. I don't want to replace axles just guessing.



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Look solid and being solid aren't the same. Did they verify no grease leakage on the half shafts? Did they check all suspension bushings for play (specifically the rear LCA bushings)? How about wheel bearings? Did they check the prop shaft for damage (since you said you're lowered)? Prop shaft center bearing/rubber support?
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