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Trip odometer not working. Easy fix?

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Just realized my trip odometer is not working. Regular odometer and all other gauges work though. I need the trip odometer to gauge my fuel use because, as you know, the fuel gauge on our car is crappy (although my fuel light comes on when low!)


I did a search and only found stuff for odometer not working, but not trip odometer. Any ideas?



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try resetting it again.

if it does not reset on a proper ''notch''?

they will sometimes just click as the odometer tries to turn it.


if that is not it you are probably looking at replacing it.

you can get a complete used cluster for 30$ - 50$

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It doesn't reset when I press the button. Doesn't move. Stays stuck at whatever number it's on (567 or something close)


Id rather not replace my whole cluster is this piece something I can grab off a junked car at pick and pull? Just replace the trip odometer and not my whole cluster, or do I have to replace the whole thing?

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i don't think the trip meter is separate.

but you can replace the speedo / odo only,

not the entire cluster.

and with care and the right tools you can reset the new odo to close to your actual miles.

getting it with in 10k is easy, with in 1k only a little harder.

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