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Lag when accelerating 2.0 NA legacy

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Hi all,


I've been looking around to see about this problem and couldn't really find a definitive answer, so have come here hoping to find one.


I've had the car for 3 months and seem to have a horrendous lag when accelerating mainly between 2000 and 3200 revs, after this the car is off like a shot.


I've never owned a subaru or a 4 wheel drive so not sure if this is normal or not but doesn't feel normal.


The fixes i found are an upgrade to the load on the ECU, Fuel pressure issue or a MAF issue.


I've tries the ECU reset by unplugging the battery for a while and that did seem to make a difference but for a limited time. I've replaced all of the air filters and checked for debris.


What was the version of ecu load that was having the issue, does anyone know? or has anyone else had this issue and knows the fix?




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