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Valve Body replaced on my 2013 3.6R question


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I just had my valve body replaced in my 13 3.6R that has about 32K on it. I had experienced transmission thuds around third gear for awhile.. the first time I brought it in to Metrowest Subaru in Natick MA, complaining about it and the oil consumption (yes I have an issue too) they chalked up the thuds to low oil. So when I returned for the transmission issue to be looked at again, they tried a ECU flash and determined the valve body was the issue.


My question is if the defective valve body could have caused damage to my transmission? This problem has been going on for months before it was fixed.


I contacted corporate and requested an extended warranty and was denied. I am not convinced that this issue could not have caused some stress to the internal transmission components and am planning my next written response to corporate. BTW my car runs great now.

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I would highly doubt it, but keep all your records and make copies just in case. You should email SOA again about an extended warranty so you have proof that you tried to get the extension. But in all reality if something was wrong they would have noticed when they pulled the pan to change the valve body. The trans is covered for 5yr/60k miles along with he rest of the powertrain. If anything will go wrong it should within that period.
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