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My car is getting a little loud over the bumps

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Around 115k now and the car has some rattles and clunks i would love to take care of before i drive to my next command.


So far i have this list of items to fix or replace

-Front ball joints

-Lower my exhaust, it seems my fms catback makes contact on the sway bar and the heat sheild under the gas tank.

Replace or rebuild my isc coilovers

-Fix the dash rattle

-Engine and trans mount

Any other bushings?



I tried wrapping the exhaust with a sock on the point of contact, which helped, but there is still another noise in the rear end.


Does anyone else have a problem they have found and corrected that may apply to my noise problem?



Also have a nasty jolt in the car when letting off the gas, almost like the trans or engine is moving around a bit when load is applied and unapplied. Engine and trans mounts right? Or is that just extra play in the mesh of the gears.

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i have the whiteline kta124 kit in the rear for toe and camber. and megan racing c links.


i'll order some mounts after work. then get some new sway bar endlinks and bushings. dont think ill get a thicker sway bar.


view my build thread in my sig for other possible noise sources i have overlooked

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