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98 legacy gt probs

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Hi i have this white subaru legacy gt automatic 160k and it has a few probs. Aside from the usual power steering pump cup holder and keyless entry problem. Crappy door seals . I have an oil leak that I believe is coming from the oil pan gasket. A popping clunking noise started coming from the front end yesterday. I thought it could be the cv / halfshaft but its popping not clicking.

I'm going to get underneath and take photos this weekend when I have time iI'm just wondering if anyone has had the same noise before and could identify the culprit. None of my boots are torn to my knowledge. Also the steering wheel was turning itself left and right sort of violently before it started making this noise. Only does it when turning the wheel to the right .

I got the 14 bolts out of the oil pan and tried pulling the pan off but its not budging. Any extra bolts needed taken out?

Thanks in advance for further information. This is the first place I come for info on the legacy doesn't seem to be many videos of this specific model on youtube. Unless its for sale 5 years ago.

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Oil pan is sealed with gasket maker, you need to break it free. I used a small punch, drew driver, and a hammer. Slowly and gently work your way around. Mine was leaking like a month ago (and oil plug stripped!)...fell off once I worked the corner with the dip stick.


Also, my o-rings for the dip stick tube were super hard. Heat them, or burn them out with a lighter. Just be careful with an open flame!


As for shaking/axle, check you wheel bearings. Inspect the axle nuts, ensure they're tight. Pull the brakes and remove rotor. Turn the hub, usually very apparent from slobby motion or rough motion with the rotor off. I also had to replace a bearing, did this in parallel with the pan. My bearing was binding during turning, made shakes and terrible noises. Feel your pain, but you'll get yourself back on the road.

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