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Replacement Wheels and TPMS question


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I just bought a set of wheels, but with different manufacturer.


The wheels are 5zigen 18x7.5 offset 35mm 18 inch. The wheel comes with 2 Federal SS 595 (still OK), and 2 Fierce HP (replace soon). They are summer tires and I am planning to replace 2 Fierce HP with SS 595.


My question is, is that okay just to replace 2 Fierce HP with 2 SS 595 ? Although they have the same size and the same pattern ? Or should I save money more buying 4 tires ?


The SS 595 has 80-85% life left.


And I just quoted firestone yesterday about moving tpms to old wheels to my new wheels, cost about $483. Is that normal ? Or did they rip me off ?

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