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Ongoing Brake Problem!! 2000 Legacy GT

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Several years ago my right caliper was dragging. Had local tire shop replace front brakes. Within 2 months...same thing, right drag. Warranty replace with new parts. Within a year repeat problem. Warranty again; new parts. Within year same problem; went to same chain although another location. They replaced Calipers, rotors, and left side flexible brake line.

Now its my turn to take a crack at it. New Calipers both sides, and left side wheel bearing. (Due to vibration when in Drive, while stopped, I replaced the drivers side axle; vibration problem solved).

I have no ABS light illuminating, brakes fluid has been replaced and bleeds easily. Can the ABS module be plugged or have a malfunctioning check valve? I assume a bad sensor would activate the ABS light or pump.....or can an intermittent sensor cause intermittent brake drag?

I would like to check continuity to the ABS module (Assume its a Bosch 5.3); how do I remove the connector?

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Was the caliper piston sticking, caliper not sliding, or the brake pads dragging?


Make sure the ledges the pads ride on are resurfaced, smooth and flat all sides... use a grinder a file, whatever depending on rust. This is a proper brake job. Also finish with a light coat of grease.


If the caliper is dragging it would have to be slides, I assume they were all new with caliper. If you can push the piston back while opening the bleeder then the piston isn't siezed.


The only part that parts changing won't fix is the perches that have to be cleaned. It's dirty, time consuming, and what not so they are probably skipping it all together.


Also your old brake pads can tell a story as well. See - http://www.knowyourparts.com/technical-articles/brake-pad-wear-chart/


I also need to change my axles, vibration when stopped and I believe causing vibration at highway speeds.. Friggin aftermarket shafts.




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