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Not sure where to stick this thread, but I could use some advice.

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Ok so here's my situation. Last November, I bought a 2006 LGT from the dealership I work for. At the time of purchase, my LGT had a Cobb downpipe, SPT intake and a Magnaflow exhaust. I haven't changed anything since I bought the car, just regular maintenance.


About 2 months ago my engine gave out. I have the car financed with Credit Acceptance Corporation, with a extended service plan through Superior Protection (that the bank flat out told me they wouldn't do the deal without the service plan. They also own Superior). I filed my claim, met with the inspector, and got all my ducks in a row to sit on my hands for 6 weeks to be told no due to the aftermarket parts.


I just shelled out the 5 grand for the repair work and have been advised by my service manager and GM to sue Superior/CAC. In my contract with these jackasses it clearly states that aftermarket parts will void any protection on the vehicle unless installed or recommend by the retail manufacturer. Contacted a Subaru rep that's a buddy of mine and verified the parts are both installed at any Subaru dealer and recommended by Subaru.


I believe I have a pretty strong case, I just don't know where to go from here.


Thoughts? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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The dealer is a little shady here for selling a car with modifications- period- and additionally with no proof of a tune. Obviously I am assuming they sold it to you in "As-is" condition and put in the fine print they are not responsible for damages.


How did the engine give out?


Some of these aftermarket warranties only cover specific circumstances- like the one my dealer gave me would only cover something caused by oil starvation- not something like burned valves.


The problem is your Cobb down pipe- it is not exactly recommended by Subaru- and unless you have proof that it was installed by a Subaru dealer and the supporting modifications (tune), then you might be out of luck- especially if the dealer claims it sold it to you "as-is", meaning they will not be on the hook for damages caused by the aftermarket parts.


You should be in the clear for the SPT intake and catback- they should not have caused your engine to kaboom, but the down pipe without a tune more than likely did.

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I've had it for a year, and recently started developing a oil consumption issues. Ended up being bad ring landings.


I don't blame my dealer at all, they did all they could to fix the situation. Before I bought it they made sure the tune was good prior to deliver, I actually drove it too Revolutions here in Colorado Springs for the tune that they paid for. Our owner personally fought the warranty company to get it cleared. He even threatened to cancel the dealerships contract with the bank and warranty company in front of me.


They did sell it to me as is no warranty, but the bank wouldn't buy the deal unless I bought a service plan with it.


In the notes from Superior, they state that the aftermarket air intake is what caused the issue.

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Um- the SPT intake is a Subaru OEM performance part- designed specifically for your car- and I doubt would technically fall under "aftermarket" since it is sourced and provided by Subaru themselves.


I am assuming you made this argument with them already?


If the SPT intake is the only leg they are going to stand on, then you should have a good case. I am surprised they are still fighting your dealership over it since they vouched for the integrity of the intake.

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Very interesting thread please update with outcome. GL

Curious! How much was the contract? I'd get the ball rolling in Small Claims Court too! I assume you're in Colorado,$7500 max limit.

Get all info in writing from your buddy ( maybe even have him as a witness) if SOA states SPT is recommended it seems like a no brainer.

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They cannot legally do this. They have to prove the aftermarket parts caused the failure. Just like if you had a Fram oil filter and Subaru tried to deny the warranty.


THEY MUST PROVE THOSE PARTS CAUSED THE FAILURE! It pisses me off because they know most people couldn't afford to hire a lawyer, unfortunately its your only recourse.

Good luck.

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