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2009 Legacy 2.5i SE under 100k replaced parts.

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m curious what all you have had to repair on your Legacy. I purchased mine with 66,000 miles on it. Thank god I bought a 40k warranty. I traded in a nice 06 Civic I just payed off.(Only gave me $3000 for the car). I was dumb and saw the Legacy and wanted it, I was told it was only $12.5k. Turned out he had "mistaken" the price.

I needed a car that was automatic for my girlfriend at the time for her to get to work. She couldn't drive a stick. I over payed total $16.5k w/ warranty $18.5k Got semi screwed. This was my first time dealing with a used car salesman. We all get one that we learn from right? Carmax is looking good for my next purchase.


Here is a list of everything I had to do to the car the past two years. It now has 90k. I understand alot of this stuff eventually needs replaced at some point. It seems that it all happened in a short amount of time.


The key I received was a valet key. No remote key. Went to dealer bought key had it cut. $50. They wanted $150 to program it, and had to make apt. Went to a locksmith they programed for $50. Check engine light came on shortly after for aprox 100 miles.


Wheel bearing front left x2 - Warranty. Noticed rubbing sound on the freeway. Dealer installed cheaper bearing which in turn set the check engine light off after 20 miles. Subaru part was ordered and replaced after a week driving with check engine light on.


Starter - Started to go out shortly after I replaced wheel bearing. 2 more days in the shop. 2 weeks to get it in. - Warranty. (within 30 days of purchase)


Tires - I purchased the car and didn't realize front and rear where different brands. (Purchased the car at night). Tires where almost new, I checked the front. With all wheel drive this is a big no no. Didn't even bother with shop. (past 30 days or I wouldve taken back, tires are not covered on warranty) - $450


Battery, Serpentine belt replaced - $350


Air Bag Light - No one could fix this. Dealer wanted $300 Thanks to this site I found the solution. Easy fix if you have steady hands and a soldering iron.


Oil Leak #1 Head Gasket - Warranty (Like I said i'm glad I bought the warranty) Took a week to get my car back from dealer. Unfortunately I have to take it to them for warranty work Wouldve cost $800 at least thats what the shop said. I also went to one of those quick lube places they said it was transmission. I took it to a real mechanic and he put something in the oil and transmission so he could find the leak.


Spark plugs- Cylinder misfired - check engine light came on. I was waiting for 90k to replace went at 80k. - $200


Transmission service, gear box oil changed. $150. I had this done by a trusted mechanic. This is where I realized those quick lube places lie to you about needing a transmission service and show you "samples of fluid that is black. 1 week after transmission service I went to change oil. I know I could do this myself, however its easier to pay someone to do this. (Apartment I was in was strict about working on vehicles)


Oil Leak #2 - Turned out to be crankshaft seal. Car was smoking so bad I thought it was on fire, embarrassing to sit at a light and smoke pours out of the engine. This happened the day after I did the spark plugs. Took it back to shop crankshaft seal was bad.

This lead to getting the dreaded timing belt job.

At this point I didn't want to deal with the dealer I bought the car from (Internet Auto) They would of taken 3 days to replace the seal.. Leaving me with no car and still needing the timing belt replaced in 15k miles. - This cost me $725 and only took 4 hours to get done.


Rear HK sub - Blew last week. Im giving in and buying a HU and Amp. I have a 12" in a bandpass left over from the civic, my previous amp was mounted to prevent theft ha. I didn't think I would need it with the HK system in the car. Im going to remove the sub for a port or disconnect it if it doesnt make to much noise

Found a nice double din HU w/ bluetooth and amp with wiring kit for $300 on Crutchfield. This would easily cost $600 from audio store.


What is the next thing to go on my Legacy? It runs great now, I hope it can go a few years without anything else.

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It sounds like timing belt would be next on your list, but after re-reading your post it sounds like that was already done?


I'm at 162k right now, and I bought my car brand new.


I do my rear diff fluid once per year, regardless of mileage. I do my MT fluid/front diff fluid (MT's share the fluid, AT's use separate transmission and front diff fluid) every 20k-50k depending on which fluid I use, longer intervals with synthetic, shorter with synthetic blend and conventional. I let subaru do the rear diff, I usually pay between $30-$50. I do MT fluid myself, anywhere from $20-$60 depending on the fluid I use.


Brake fluid I don't really have an interval for, I replace it every 2 years or so, or when it starts to look dark and dirty. I let subaru do this, I think I pay around $130.


I do my spark plugs every 30k like subaru says to, even though I think you can push them a little more than that. Around $20 for all four plugs.


PCV valve I'll either clean or replace every 30k. $15-$20 for a new valve


I did my spark plug wires at 90k, and I'll probably do them again at 180k. $60?


I replaced all four pads and rotors for the first time at 90k, and I had to do the fronts again at around 140k I think? Rears I did at around 150k. Maybe a little under $300 in parts?


Accessory belts were replaced at 90k. Subaru did them, forget the cost.


Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, thermostat done at 105k. Subaru did this, around $1200? At the time I assumed they would replace the idlers as part of the job, stupid of me to assume that because they didn't replace them.


I replaced my valve cover gaskets and spark plug tube seals at around 125k. I think I paid around $80 for parts.


Battery I replaced at 130k even though there were no signs my old one was bad, just wanted to play it safe. $80?


Coolant replaced at 134k, subaru calls for 137k on the first change with the 09's since we have super blue coolant. Subaru did this, can't remember how much it was. Maybe $160?


Subaru replaced my front catalytic converter for a recall at around 135k.


I did all four struts at 155k or so, and I wish I had done them earlier than that. Around $400 in parts I think?


I left out my clutch jobs since you have an AT, and I left out suspension parts and cv axles I voluntarily replaced even though they weren't bad.

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You want a good car that is going to last you then your going to have to replace things when needed my car only has 44k on it being an 09 only thing I replaced was the brake pads done the my fluid change and differential change at the same time about 37k miles every oil change to just about every other change I clean maf sensor and throttle body butterfly flap and clean my dry flow filter it may seem or get expensive but will be best in the long run
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hmm. I assume your rear left wheel bearing may go next since your front went bad possibly by pothole or something like it (might be good to get your rims checked and ball joints). Battery changed, so you should be good for almost 100k as well as your timing belt as long as you had your pulleys and water pump changed when you did the timing job. Since you bought it used, I would say you should flush the rest of the fluids you haven't already especially coolant (it's recommended by most to buy subaru coolant and the conditioner, but up to you). O2 sensors are coming around the corner for them to start failing, and your shocks will need changing around then too. Some maintenance that you would probably be going to be doing soon is; brakes, rotors, air filter (buy reusable), cabin air filter, pcv valve (clean or replace). Seems like the person before you drove the car pretty hard considering all the things that went bad considering the mileage. I would recommend you learn/perform all your basic maintenance to save you $ and to know more about the cars you are driving so you are more prepared to troubleshoot and fix/prevent problems you will have in the future. There's lots more you can learn from this site besides the airbag light ($300 saved), and with the walkthroughs you can become more and more confident with handling bigger jobs in the future. Also, get your alignment checked soon and make sure to regularly balance and rotate your tires (awd is a b*tch).
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