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1997 legacy ej25 2.5

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is this possible and if so what would i need for it?


yes it is possible,

but it is not practical.

the ej25d will not support much boost.

hell, it blows head gaskets without any boost at all.


there should be a sticky thread at the top of the page which gives a ton of details.



it is cheaper, easier and better to buy a WRX.

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You can put an aftermarket turbokit on a Honda because Honda doesn't make a factory turbocar; the aftermarket presence for such kits is down to a package science, and, while somewhat reliable, is really the only option for more power.


Subaru makes quite a few factory turbocars, using one or two different platforms, and, in light of this, there are no real aftermarket kits for forced induction, nor would they be cost effective or as powerful and reliable as a factory turbocar. By the time you got done messing with it, it wouldn't run right, would have swap quirks/gremlins, and would cost you about the same , or more, as if you'd just went ahead and bought an actual WRX or LGT anyway.


There is literally nothing you can do to make your NA faster.


If you want more speed, you need to figure out how to get out of your current car, and into one you really want.

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