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Bushings compatibility

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Hi guys,


My car has ticket the 130k miles and the suspension has noises all around that are driving me nuts lately specially now during the winter.


I decided I am replacing all the bushings and struts.


I'm going with KYB struts but I am still trying to figure out the bushings.


The main problem for me is noise. I would go with Urethane bushings if they don't require lubing too often (I'm OK with lubing them every 3years/40k miles) but it would drive me crazy if lubing was necessary every year for example.


From the ones who have experience with bushings, should I go PU or rubber?


On the PU subject:


I found this kit on e-bay. It looks to me it would work according to my research, but I'm not confident and the seller can't confirm if it does. Any experience with this? (I would need to measure my sway bar for those specific bushings)




Is there any quality rubber brand brand/vendor that is not too expensive? For $100 I can barely get the front control arm bushings alone at Napa.



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