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Worth swapping drivetrain. Quick answers please

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Hi guys

SO a little while back I smashed my outback all to hell. Lots of other shit has cost me money since, and I'm sort of in a hole.


I need a car and I came across a $500 brighton that isn't in horrid shape. It does however have 300k, no clutch, no syncro for 3rd, shot brakes, ETC.


My outback on the other hand has 140k, new clutch, new seals, etc etc.


Was wondering if It'd be worth the trouble to swap my oubtack running gear into the brighton.

140k engine, 4.11 trans and rear. Bigger front brakes and disks for the rear ETC.


How much time should it take?


Figure I could do it all and at least be able to sell the motor from the brighton since It's still solid. Scrap everything else.

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How much time should it take?


that is one of the big questions.

if i was doing it, 6 months.

your results may vary.



i think your reasoning is good,

but i would wait on a better car.

an outback with a bad engine,

either head gaskets or bad timing belt would be better.


buying a car that needs everything is a big challenge.

you will have to do everything before you can drive.

but a car that only needs one or two things gets you on the road sooner.


depending on where you live ,

there are lots of bad subarus out there.


where are you?

i might have one.

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I'm near blacksburg VA

Every sub with a bad engine around me is busted, automatic, or expensive


I think I'm gonna skip it anyways.

Even If I bought it and started the project I wouldn't have the money do do what I wanted. Like rebuild my motor, put in bushings, ETC ETC


on the other hand, I've had my car/drive train, seats and blizzaks on Craigslist and no hits -_- If I can't get money from It I need to do something with it.

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