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dealing with a modded LGT in snow/low temps

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currently my 08 LGT is bone stock @ 50k miles, but i would like to have the following done by end of 2015:







18" wheels - rota gravel/tarmac or spec B

front lip

slighty lowered suspension


any advice on potential issues in snow/low temps? 3-6" of weekly snow here in Northern Colorado and temps as far as 25 below in the morning


front lip falling off?

recommended ride height for mild-medium snow?

engine issues after all those mods during sub-zero temps?


i plan to switch rims back to stock w/ snow tires for winter each year


pic for your viewing pleasure :)


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Subarus love cold weather you'll be fine, boosting weather is best. As far as the snow, I would buy some sort of adjustable suspension so you don't lower the car too much in the winter, and yes snow tire spares are a must for sure. Make sure the lip is nice and durable or yes you will most likely have problems. But I'm from AZ so what do I know :D
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Cold temps will be fine, if there are any big issues you have a problem regardless of the mods.


I have a lip i just put on and live over in CT, where we do get some good amounts of snow. right now, with the lip, i would only drop the car about 1"-1.5" so that I still have good ground clearance but it looks aggressive and handles better. The lip[ that I have installed use about 8-12 screws right into the bumerp, unless i hit something solid at speed, its not coming off


another thing to note is that a intake is not a bottleneck until around 350whp. It is better to keep our stock, well engineered, intake system if you are below that number, and with that mod list you will be around 250whp. if you wqant more sound you can take out the intake silencer and put in a panel filter

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With the uppipe, downpipe and tune you probably are fine with both stock intake and exhaust.

I have 225/40-18 tires and Cobb sport springs that lower almost 2"; I would be scraping a lip winter AND summer. With a mild lower you could run a lip, and not hit the bump stops much.

Only issue I have when temps are freezing and below is the common "squealy" starter.

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Don't lower too much if snow clearance is an issue. Epic/Eibach and H&R's give mild, 1" and 1.5" drops, respectively. BaysonR is a reputable manufacturer of excellent front lips (polyurethane) that are secured via 12-14 screws, so they're not coming off without a fight. Echoing Redslaya, you don't need an aftermarket intake at this point - I'd put that money towards a Primitive Racing skid plate to help protect the underside.


Get a tune as well, and keep your AP in the car since over-boosting is common in cold temps, and you may need to reflash on the road when it happens. Your tuner may include a lower WG map for winter driving.

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