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All Cylinder Misfire...?

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Anyone ever experienced an all cylinder misfire while driving? This happened a couple weeks ago. I'm thinking bad gas as I found out the station I went to uses low quality fuel, but what do you all think? Car is running fine for the most part, except for when I'm coming to a stop and turning the wheel at the same time. Mainly I notice it when I'm attempting to reverse. I suppose it could be the throwout bearing/clutch, but just curious on some comments or if anyone has had this happen to them.


Back Story: I was driving home on the freeway and downshifted for a curved freeway interchange. Got on it out of the curve and all of a sudden check engine light started blinking for 30isk seconds then shut off. Ran the codes and this is what popped up...




Got home and checked a few gauge values out... Short and Long Term Fuel Trim seem to be fine, so I honestly have no clue...



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