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98 legacy GT radio (stock)


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Bought my 98 Legacy wagon GT 2 months back and it came with an awful looking aftermarket Sony CD player and XM add on. The unit cuts out but the head unit display stays on. Internal issue I think.

Walked the local pick and pull and found three cars each with a different radio. One had the double set up with the lower unit being a CD changer. Was nice but car had broken windows and may have been rained on. Another car had the weather band version but again looked to have been rained on. Third car had a dry interior. So I bought the Toshiba unit from it.

Got home and yanked my ugly Sony out, only to find a second wiring harness that was fed under the center console and to an 80 watt amp box (oem?) under the driver's seat. Never knew it was there. It maybe damaged due to the moon roof drain tube being off for who knows how long tell I fixed it.

The OEM unit I bought today only has connections for one harness. Unit works great but I have no idea what unit came with my car that allowed the amp to be used. Can someone give me a picture or a link to what I am now missing. I have only seen online pics of the 3 versions I saw today plus a stand alone single CD player.

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