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Kartboy Shifter Bushings


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Wanted to give my take on the install so to save anyone in the future from cursing up a storm. All the YouTube videos I've seen install the front bushing while the linkage is on the car. Well after about an hour of wrestling with it I gave up and removed the linkage so learn from my mistake.


New bushings $60


Unbolt heat shield


Disconnect O2 sensor wire, snake through heat shield opening. Bend heat shield slightly to remove.http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/30/a35af6c1ea1122cfe7ce7bfc0c4b75f6.jpg

Unscrewed the shifter knob and linkage from the top and pulled the shifter down through and out the bottom in one piece. Hind sight I should have simply disconnected the retaining ring and separated the two. Was good having it out of the car cause I had to stand on one of the new front bushings to get it in. I also ended up cutting my stock bushing out.

NOTE my car had the STi short throw installed from the factory


Held the two rear bushings together and the holes lined up perfectly. But when i went to install it, oh boy. The cold weather caused it to shrink so it was hard preventing it from cross threading. Still I eventually got it. Read one review on these bushings where said reviewer said he returned it cause he couldn't get it in without cross threading the bolts. Well it can be done. Heat and force my friend.

Do not try to do this with the heat shield still hanging on the exhaust. Save yourself the trouble and simply bend the heat shield slightly to remove it at the beginning.

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