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Hello, my friend have 1995 Model Subaru Legacy / How much Horsepower?

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Hello from Turkey!


My friend has 1995 Model Subaru Legacy Sedan.


The car has 2.0L 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Engine.


They wrote "16 valve" on the engine.


So I think we have Dohc 16 valve engine and when I look at wikipedia or another website, I have seen that 2.0 LT Doch engine can produce 150 Hp.


But it says, 150 Hp version is for JDM ( Japon Domestic Market ). It also indicates that European versions have SOCH engines with 116 horsepower. So we are confused.


The car is 4WD with manual transmission. It redlines at about 6500 Rpm.


Car's full name : Subaru legacy BD


Engine name : EJ20ENWABA


Chassis No : JF1BD5LJ3SG010054












Can we know our car's horsepower by looking at these codes? We are very curious about it. I don't think its 116 hp, but I want to be sure about it.

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So how much horsepower do we have ? 116 hp or 135 hp?



i really do not know.

the ej20 was not offered in the US except as a DOHC w/ turbo in the WRX?????


maybe wikipedia can help.

but there are a lots of variations of this engine .


in the 90s,

ej22 SOHC is 135 HP.

ej18 SOHC is 110 HP.



click on the link below.


4 EJ20

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No we have EJ20 engine.


The thing is, I have Citroen C4 1.6 Turbo Diesel with automated manual transmission. ( It has clutch but computer changes gears ) , my car's engine can produce 115 Hp, 270 Nm Torque. We've conducted rolling in autobahn, and everytime he beat me. His car is faster than mine. Curb weights are about same, 1300 Kg.

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How did you get "135 hp" information from there?


I see "JDM" version can produce 135 hp 2.0 Soch, but I can't be sure if we have got JDM version or not?


Our car is left hand drive, as I know Japanese versions are right hand drive?

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