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Need Shop Recommendation for "Nose Job" on '95 WGN in Seattle

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I own a '95 Legacy 2.2 Wagon with 137k that's weeping oil from several spots including the cam seals, valve covers, etc. and have been told that it it's time for a "nose job": including timing belts, water pump and probably starter(which has recently developed a dead spot....). Also: Les Schwab informed me today (as they were installing my snow tires) that I'm also in the market for two new front axles and CV boots. They offered to set me right in a jiffy for $435, but I politely declined


My former mechanic, who I have followed faithfully for years, (this is my 4th Subie) has recently retired, which is causing me to look for a new shop to perform what will inevitably be a spendy repair job. I wish I had the time, tools or expertise to perform the work myself....but I'm 0 for Three in that regard.


Hoping to hear from other members who have mechanics/Indy repair shops they'd recommend. I live on Capitol Hill in Seattle, but am willing to drive to the right place & price. Thanks!

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