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single to dual exhaust 2015 legacy 2.5


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Hey guys! So new to the forum and new to subaru in general Have always had toyota, but i'm absolutely loving this car! Just picked up our new 2015 legacy 2.5 premium last week, so im starting in on what to do to it. Im interested in adding a dual exhaust considering there's already a cutout for it. Purely a cosmetic change as I'm not really interested in sound (in fact i definitely dont want to end up with a ricey sound). I'm really just wondering what muffler to get, and where to get a matching tip? Figure piping and hangers I'll leave to the muffler shop. Thanks!


Oh and what psi are you guys running on your new legacy's? I know stock is something like 33/32, but I bumped it to 36/35. Just wondering what the general consensus here is?

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The best thing to do would be to just get the stock exhaust from a 2015 Legacy GT. Makes sure that the tranny is the same as yours. it will also be the only way to keep it quiet. also si ce a lot of guys are usually upgrading their XT's for mas power you should find one cheap.

a lot of guys on here will come down hard on newbies just make sure you use the search button and read the stickies at the top of each forum. There is a snowballs chance in hell that you ask a question that has never been asked ten times before.

Also PSI doesn't refer to tire pressure on here, it refers to the amount of boost your running on your turbo. People will get confused if you ask that way. If your running stock tires and wheels just go with what it says on the bottom of the driver's side door well. better stock than sorry.

you can pm (personal message) me if you have any others q's.

cool cool lmk

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Before I traded in the Wrx, I researched every trim of the 2015 Legacy. I'm pretty sure there was no GT model, which is why I had to settle for the 3.6R ( for more power, not for dual exhaust tips). Correct me If I'm wrong, but if I'm wrong, I FAILED at life!!! Lol
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