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Tighten up steering in 2.5i?


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So I picked up my 09 Special Edition in Sept and almost immediately put away my Celicas for the winter, and haven't driven anything else since.


So last night, if only for space for presents we took my wife's 09 Acura RSX to the many Christmas dinners we attend on that day.


Now, like I said, I hadn't driven her car, or any other car, in a few months. I knew that the 2.4 turbo motor was going feel a lot different than my Subaru, and that the sport leather seats, that are surprisingly close in appearance to the GT seats were going to be more comfortable and hug me better, but I had forgotten just how TIGHT the steering is. The car is basically a little sports car in an SUV body.


The steering got me the most, I accepted when buying an N/A car that it was going to be slow. But then I popped a plate on my 99 GT-S (no snow here right now) and took it for quick spin last night and I about cried. My non-turbo, FWD Celica (I knew was quicker then the Subie) but had a very similar steering as the RDX. I didnt dare take my 91 AllTrac out ... I didn't want to cry.


Its amazing how you can get used to something when you start to "forget" what other things are like. I really feel that the sloppy steering in the Subie is unacceptable for me. So what's my next step to fix this if I wanted? STi steering rack?

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Get a different car? I drove a 2014 Acura TSX and felt the same thing, but then everything else on it felt worse. The engine note was bad, the FWD was felt throughout the drivetrain, the sloppy shifting transmission. FWIW the '15 Legacy Limited has a pretty tight steering wheel. Kind of like the Acura's.


I have owned a '07 and a '12 Legacies 2.5 and now the '15. Out of all three the '15 feels the tighter.

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So after spending $100 and an hour or so swapping the steering rack bushings, I notice no difference. Maybe I'm just too used to cars with sports suspensions.


Oh well, guess I'll wait until I have a bad LCA and do those next. Not going to waste my anymore money replacing things that aren't broken.

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