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Issues with my Switchbacks


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I'm new to the forum, but I have a 2005 Legacy GT Limited and I've installed LED lights all around. I have all the interior, license plates, brake lights, and turn signals all switched to LEDs. I have also switched the blinker flasher to an LED capable flasher so that I don't have to deal with hyperflash. Everything works great except my switchbacks. If I install them one way, they will not light up white with the parking lamps like they're supposed to, and they blink white instead of amber. If I flip them around, they will light up a dim orange and they do not blink at all. This is not due to the flasher, as I experience the same symptoms with both the stock flasher and the LED one. I've tried searching the forums but I haven't found one with the same symptoms as mine. Any help would be appreciated!



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