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Subaru diecast model available?

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I haven't seen any. I did find a Matchbox Baja that I picked up from Toys R Us.


Wife also got me the STI Transformer.


A LGT would be cool to add to the small collection.


Ebay has a ton of 5th gen 1:18 scale. Not much fourth gen unfortunately.


They do have some cool 1/60 and 1/43 stuff though.




Those are pretty awesome!

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Thanks for the idea - I also just grabbed one in OBP off ebay (try searching for Kyosho 1:64 subaru legacy) - $25 including shipping. I've had this car for 10 years in January, so as a memento of a huge chunk of my life, it's pretty cool. I also have a model of my previous car ('94 Corrado). That covers approx the last 15 years of my driving life..
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