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Rust.. Should I be concerned ? (rear diff mounting area )

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So I was installing winter tires last month and noticed some rot.. Looks concerning to me, and I would be interested to hear what others think...


Anyway the rust is very close to the bolts that mount the rear diff/ axles etc...


So yeah, any thoughts??





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Thanks for the reply John !


The car is our bulletproof and much loved 95 Lsi wagon. The typical rust on the rear quarter panels has also been getting worse too.


I guess it may be time to retire it.. To change these rusted brackets, it looks like I would have to remove the complete rear drive train. Would that be worthwhile on a car that is 20 years old? I would also have to find a parts car without this problem. This might not be easy in the rust belt..


I'll have to have a better look. I'm sure I will be fine until spring anyway.


I can honestly say that this has been the best, most reliable car I have ever owned, and I have owned MANY cars.. !

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much loved 95 Lsi wagon.
auto trans?


time to locate a 96 - 99 outback or GT that has bad engine / head gaskets.

pick it up for less than $1000 and swap in your engine.


i bought a 98 obw with bent valves for $300,

it cost abouth $200 to rent a carrier and tow it home.

i bought a used 95 ej22 engine for $400, and timing parts & seals for about $150.

i'm still driving it.


it is the best $1100 car i have ever owned.

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mine looks to be in similar condition, if the body is generally decent otherwise (as mine is) perhaps you could look for one from a salvage yard in the southern states and swap it out?


Could do... Car needs a few other things too. May be best to just replace..

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